Episode 16 - Pickleball Problems Coaching Edition (Part 1)

October 12, 2018

Should you become a certified coach? How should you handle onlookers watching your lessons? How do you get your students to practice what you preach? In this spcial 'coaching' edition of Pickleball Problems, Third Shot Sports coach Mark Renneson addresses some of the issues instructors have to deal with. This is part 1 in a 3 part series!

Resources mentioned:

Pickleball Coaching International

Why I'm Not a Certified Pickleball Coach

If you do decide to become a PCI mmeber, use the promo code PROBLEMS at the checkout to save $10. 



Episode 15 - How to Be a Champion

August 24, 2018

The Tournament of Champions is on this week in Utah. And in honour of that event, we're talking about what it takes to be a champ no matter what your skill level. 


Episode 14 - 3 things to play better right away (micro podcast)

August 16, 2018

Live from his car in Vancouver BC, Mark talks about 3 things you can do right away to be a more effective PB team. 


Episode 13 - Underperforming in Tournaments, PB Cruises, Start with Singles?

August 11, 2018

In this episode of the show Mark answers listeners' questins about whether it is best to start people off with singles, whether pickleball cruises are any good, and why someone is doing just fine in practice, but loses all confidence in matches. Enjoy!


Episode 12 - Bonus Edition: Make your training sessions count!

August 3, 2018

In this bonus edition of the show, Mark talks about three keys things you can do to be a better practicer. 


Episode 11 - Preventing Lobs, Dinking on the Run, How are the Pros Different?

July 25, 2018

In this episode of the show Third Shot Pickleball coach Mark Renneson answers questions bout limiting the liklihood your opponents will lob, dealing with really wide dinks, and why it looks like the pros aren't doing anything with their serves and returns. 


Episode 10 - Live from Kelowna, BC

July 13, 2018

Friendly Kate joins Mark at the 2018 Western Canadian Nationals to read some of the emails we've received. What should you do if you received a bad PB lesson? Is drinking beer before a match ok?When your opponents are at the baseline should you keep them back or make them run? Mark answers all these questions plus plays a game of "Good Idea, Bad Idea". 


Episode 9: spinning drops, power smashes, switching hands and more…

June 8, 2018

In this episode of Pickleball Problems Mark answers questions from callers about switching hands, putting away smashes, using spin on your third shot drops and more. 


Episode 8: Erne Rules; Serve Stalker; Grip Confusion; Ball Machine Advice

May 10, 2018

What should you do if somene insists (incorrectly) that your serve is illegal? What kind of ball machine should you get? Is the continental grip really best? Are you allowed to do practice swings before you serve? In this episode of Pickleball Problems, host Mark Renneson takes listener calls and solves your pickleball problems. 

Have a problem you'd like to share? Leave your message at 1-833-PICKLE-B (742-5532). And don't forget to use the promo code PROBLEMS when buying our Drill Guides at thirdshotsports.com 


Ep. 7 Pickleball Problems with guest Tyson McGuffin

April 14, 2018

On most episodes of this show, Third Shot Pickleball coach Mark Renneson answers your questions about PB. In this episode, however, Mark invites PB superstar Tyson McGuffin to weigh in. They talk about preparing for the US Open, Tyson's relationship with coach Morgan Evans, as well as all sorts of issues that rec players encounter  Enjoy!